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Memory Foam

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Natritex Group manufactures both a Standard Memory foam and Gel Infused Memory Foam and are available as pillows or overlays. Memory foam is also a luxurious addition to some of the models in our Pure Sleep Bedding range of mattresses.

Our standard memory foam is called “Visco-Elastic”. Visco elastic is a very high density foam specially formulated by Natritex Group. Visco Elastic or memory foam is designed to contour and mould around your body giving you the support where its need most. This product has load sharing characteristics far superior to other types of foam which result in the most luxurious of all comfort systems.

Benefits of Enviro-foam Visco Elastic include: Temperature responsive properties to relax tensed muscles and promote pressure relief by conforming to the human body shape and weight. Provides excellent neck and spine protection and natural spinal alignment as it eliminates the possible damage caused by body pressure. Enhances better blood circulation and avoid muscle soreness caused by compression of nerves.

As technology advances and foams become more sophisticated, Visco Elastic has become universally popular in the bedding industry. Not so long ago Visco Elastic or Memory Foam was being developed by NASA to improve seating comfort and g-force for astronauts.

Visco Elastic has been engineered at the Natritex Group Queensland specifically for Australian conditions to provide performance in both cold and hot climates. Its ability to perfectly contour to body shape and reduce pressure on the body helps improve circulation and provide superior comfort.

Visco Elastic is the name given to foams which exhibit slow recovery at room temperature, which are also referred to as low resilience (LR) foam, slow recovery or memory foams.


The gel infused memory foam has all the same benefits of traditional memory foam. The Open cell structure of gel infused memory foam increases the airflow around your body promoting a cooler night’s sleep (this will vary depending on the user). The gel beads add a further layer of support within memory foam giving extra support exactly where it’s needed.

  • Increased air circulation
  • Spinal Alignment
  • Balanced Support
  • Soft and comfortable sleeping surface
  • Pressure Relieving
  • No Partner Disturbance

When your body is cradled correctly and the pressure has been taken off your shoulders and hips, your spine is encouraged to align, giving you a better more restful night’s sleep. You will wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

All our foam is made using the world’s best environmental practice in foam making. We do not add any extra fillers or extenders into our foam – No Solvents, No CFC’s, No Fillers, No Methylene Chloride and No added carbon dioxide. All foam is produced locally on site at our Brendale factory on the north side of Brisbane.