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The Amaya mattress is a double sided mattress which features gel infused memory foam on each side of a high density foam support core. The mattress is covered in a premium stretch knit fabric which has a layer of standard foam sewn into the fabric. The Amaya is an alternate mattress choice to the Adalyn.

Memory foam is designed to contour to the shape of your body reducing the pain associated with body pressure point problems. The memory foam uses the heat from your body to soften in the areas where there is excessive pressure, contouring around your body, making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The gel particles within the memory foam, allow for a cooler more comfortable nights sleep compared to standard memory foam; although the cooler feel is subjective to each individual person and may be different for everybody.

Model Name Amaya - Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress
Double Sided Mattress
Fabric Upholstered in quality Stretch Knit fabric, and fabric labeling
Quilting 7mm of standard peeler foam
Padding Centre Support Core - High Density Foam
Comfort Layer - Gel Infused memory Foam on each side
Finish Style Double Sided Mattress - flip and rotate to improve longevity
Height 210mm approx
Warranty 5 Year Pro-rata

All foam used in the Kailana range of mattresses is treated with Enviro-fresh protection. Enviro-fresh protection is a additive which is used within the foam which reduces bed bugs and dust mite in your mattress, making for a healthier nights sleep.

The Kailana range of mattresses are free from any spring or wire. The Kailana “spring free” range of mattresses are suitable for anyone to use - from toddlers to the elderly. Kailana mattresses are made on site in the Enviro-foam factory in Brisbane. We are an Australian Owned and Operated Company.