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The Natritex Group commenced manufacturing in 1988 and has distinguished itself as an innovator and industry leader in the development and introduction of environmental and fire proof technologies.

The manufacture of flexible polyurethane foam is essentially the manufacture of plastic from petrochemical derivatives. The process involves the initiation of complex chemical reactions between the pre-curses and has justifiably been considered a process that impacts negatively on the environment. Most of these impacts arise from the release of isocyanate fumes and significant quantities of solvents.

Enviro-foam established its environmental credentials when it was the first company in Australia to manufacture a complete range of foam without the use of fluorocarbon in 1988. In 2011 Enviro-foam was the first Australian manufacturer to develop its own technology that eliminated the release of isocyanate fumes and solvents to the environment. These technologies have been called “Active Seal” and “Super Mix” and are unique to Enviro-foam.


We have a vast array of carousel and vertical knife equipment. In addition, state of the art quilting, panel cutting, peeling, convoluting and profiling machines. With our computerized cutting equipment we can successfully repeat orders in production with exacting precision of specifications.

Profiling from straight cut cushions to complex profile cut shapes; we can also cover cushions with Dacron as part of our service. Flexibility is a key part in our service and supply partnership with our customers. Our Sales and production team here at the Natritex Group are fully focused on understanding our customer’s requirements.

The Natritex Group supplies to a vast range of industries consisting of furniture and bedding manufacturers to foam and rubber retail outlets. Not forgetting the caravan and marine industry, customer base being small and large business.

We pride ourselves here at the Natritex Group on the high quality of product that we produce. Being 100% filler free and employ strict internal procedures to ensure that our product is supplied to specification. Manufacturing every grade here on site at our Clontarf factory, from standard foam, fire guard foams to the most complex Visco elastic foams.

Our investment in quality trade people, means that we have a committed team of professionals involved in production looking after you, our valued customer.