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Foam Grades

Natritex Group (07) 3205 6088

Enviro-foam Queensland specialise in the manufacture of polyurethane foam and this foam can be used for many different applications. Commercial products such as upholstery cushions, foam mattresses, custom cut shapes/sizes, foam sheets, buns and even car sponges.

Our range of foams range from 16kg/m3 to 40kg/m3 and includes flame retardant, fire resistant products tested to Australian Standards, slow recovery (or Visco-Elastic Memory foam and Gel Infused Memory foam) foam and sponge foams.

Regular Foam Premium Foam High Resilience Foam
Density Hardness Density Hardness Density Hardness
16 100 25 60 35 130
19 130 27 100 35 160
20 100 27 180 35 200
23 130 28 80 35 300
24 160 29 200
29 400
30 130
31 320
Memory Foam Fire Retardant Foam Self Extinguishing
Fire Guard III Foam
Density Hardness Density Hardness Density Hardness
38 40 22 120F 32 60
30 130F 32 120
36 100F 32 160
36 140F
40 400F

We have the flexibility of being able to supply our product in sheet form, peel rolls, straight cut pieces or profiles cut to shape.

Enviro-Foam has a unique facility for manufacturing short runs of a wide range of flexible polyurethane foams and grades can be custom made by weight, hardness and colour for bun lot purchases.

Depending on the use of the foam, what surface it is being placed or used on, how often and how heavy the person using the foam is; will vary what grade of foam we would recommend best suitable. Please contact us via phone (07 3205 6088) or email ( for any enquiries.

All our foam is made using the world’s best environmental practice in foam making. We do not add any extra fillers or extenders into our foam – No Solvents, No CFC’s, No Fillers, No Methylene Chloride and No added carbon dioxide. All foam is produced locally on site at our Clontarf factory on the north side of Brisbane.