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We design, create and manufacture a full range of mattresses and foam
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Privacy and Security

Natritex Group (07) 3205 6088

We understand that your personal details are important and need to be kept safe. We recognise that by using the Natritex Group websites you are entrusting us with your personal details, so we understand that you want clarity about how we manage that information.

Any personal details we collect from you while using this site or any of our buying sites will only be used for our own marketing purposes and will not be given to a third party. Security of our site/s is secure.

We use E-commerce applications which include but not limited to the following features:

  • Our ecommerce site is built on top of a secure and proven platform/language.
  • All connections to our site are secure over https.
  • We manage our payment gate through Pin Payments and Paypal, your credit cards details are not stored on our database or website.
  • We instruct all users to sign up for an account to keep a record of all transactions and monitor for any unauthorized access attempts.
  • Our site is monitored on a regular basis with an extensive paper trail of logs.

What this means is that when you use our site or order from any of our websites, you can rest assured that the highest security checks have been put in place to make sure your details will not fall into the wrong hands.