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The Hawkins mattress is a step up from the Caspian model. The Hawkins mattress is a 3 layered laminated foam mattress with the centre support core a medium density medium feel foam and a layer of premium super soft foam on each side. The overall feel of this mattress is a medium feel. The mattress is covered in a premium stretch knit fabric which has two layers of quality foam sewn into the fabric. The Hawkins mattress would be a perfect option for use in a caravan which has a height restriction or used everyday on a single bed mattress for a child.

This mattress features - Medium Density centre core and high density foam overlays. Mattress is double sided.

The medium density foam used is a quality foam made by Enviro-foam. Enviro-foam is the most environmentally friendly foam made in Australia and does not add any extra fillers or extenders when making the foam.

Model Name Hawkins - Three Layer and Laminated Foam Mattress
Double Sided Mattress
Fabric Upholstered in quality Stretch Knit fabric and embroidered labeling
Quilting A layer of 7mm and a layer of 18mm standard peeler foam
Padding Centre Support Core - Medium Density, Medium Feel Foam
Overlays - High Density Super Soft
Finish Style Double Sided Mattress - flip and rotate to improve longevity
Height 220mm approx
Warranty 2 Year Pro-rata

All foam used in the Kailana range of mattresses is treated with Enviro-fresh protection. Enviro-fresh protection is a additive which is used within the foam which reduces bed bugs and dust mite in your mattress, making for a healthier nights sleep.

The Kailana range of mattresses are free from any spring or wire. The Kailana “spring free” range of mattresses are suitable for anyone to use - from toddlers to the elderly. Kailana mattresses are made on site in the Enviro-foam factory in Brisbane. We are an Australian Owned and Operated Company.